Online Casino Support Services Use Secure Email Platforms to Communicate

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The mailing system has undergone substantial changes over the course of the years. Not too long ago, the mailing companies were the only means of sending mails. Mails were written and taken to post offices and you had to own a mailbox to receive mails. However, today much has changed. You no longer need to go to the post office to send or receive mails. All thanks to secure email platforms.

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Benefits of Using Secure Mailing Platforms

Secure emailing platforms are an upgrade to regular mailing platforms. They offer the following benefits.

End-to-End Encryption

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Secure mailing platforms take security a notch further than regular mailing platforms. Unlike Gmail, Yahoo mail and others, these platforms secure the content of your mail from both your end and from the end of the server. This means that not even your email service provider can give out your details.

Two-Factor Authentication

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Two-factor authentication is another feature secure mailing platforms provide to their users. Most mailing platforms only require you to input your password before you can get access to your mail contents. This means that someone else can bypass your security if they know your password.

With two-factor authentication, it will be more difficult for someone else to access the content of your mail. This mode of verification requires you to input a code sent to your mobile device after inputting the password to your email account.

Metadata Protection

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Information is very important these days and various companies are always on the lookout for it. Whenever you send mail, you also broadcast some information (via your metadata). Metadata information provides insights regarding who you are. Secure mailing platforms remove the header metadata so that you will only broadcast as little information as possible.

Online Casino Support Services and the Use of Secure Email Platforms

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While there are regular mail services, it is not recommended that certain organizations use only that. For example, online casinos deal with a lot of sensitive information; both private and financial. The Support service of online casinos is the department in charge of resolving various issues and meeting the demands of their customers.

To ensure security, support services department of online casinos are now using secure email platforms for communication. These secure mail services will be used for distributing newsletters to their subscribers. It will also be used for communicating with customers to resolve complaints, requests or inquiries.

These secure mail platforms are not just for external communication alone. Online casinos will also use them to communicate and exchange information internally across departments. If there is need to transfer the request or demands of their customers to another department for resolution, secure mailing platform will serve this purpose.

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With knowledge of how important secure mailing platforms are, it is important to know which mailing service is secure.

Proton Mail is one that fits this criterion. It is a Swissmail solution platform, available on iOS, Android and Web. Posteo is a German-based secure web solution. It strongly protects the identities of its users and also fights against giving the authorities access to such information. In addition, Tuntanota is a secure mailing platform that provides it users with end-to-end encryption. Other secure mailing platforms include Kolab Now, Mailfence,, etc.